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What is Freerunning? ENG

What is freerunning?

Freerunning is a unique discipline, it’s an artform there’s no right or wrong. Freerunning makes the world one big playground. Obstacles become challenges, and you get control over your body and mind. You learn to overcome your fears, and you develop to trust your own capacities. The more you train, the more freedom you get.

FISE 2019, Montpellier, France.

Training is like playing; you go out and celebrate each others progress. We are one big family. We help, respect and teach from one and another. It doesn’t matter how good you are, everyone can become a free runner!


During freerunning, you are not dependent from a bike, snowboard or a ball. It’s a full-body workout where you only use your own body. You learn to control every part of your body, and you only train what you want. While training you set goals and challenge yourself. This way, everyone can be a free runner.

You decide what you want to train and you determine the intensity of an activity this makes its relatively safe in comparison to other sports.

While freerunning you always build up, and work in small steps to your goals.


Freerunning is growing every day, you can see it in commercials, films, programs on TV, and the squares near schools. The development is also visible online. It’s one of the trending hashtags on TikTok and Instagram. TikTok has 1,9 million views with #freerunning and 45 million with #freerunner. Instagram has an even higher total of 7.5 million hashtags on freerunning and parkour.

Luciano sees a future where people change from traditional sports to urban sports, specifically in freerunning. He sees that the youth wants freedom, trust and independence!

“I see a future where every kid can do a backflip!”

Luciano Balestra