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Luciano comes from the Latin word lux, which means light. This is no coincidence because everywhere Luciano comes, he exudes energy and light, he is the archetype of vitality.

Vitality is the will to live, the joy and energy life can give you. Health and strength are fundamental for vitality. Your body, mind and spirit have to be in balance to maximise your energy. To get everything that you can and get everything out of your day.

Resilience is a result of vitality. Luciano is a person who never gives up. Even if there are obstacles, he finds a way to achieve his goal. Every set back is a lesson and a chance to grow. Always believe in yourself and stay strong.

Find balance and live a healthy life. You can achieve your dreams if you make sure you are the best version of yourself.


One of the most important things about freerunning is connectivity. During freerunning, you connect all the different movements as fluent as possible. Next to that, the community is also connected. You help each other, and you train together toward your personal goals.

“You train for yourself, but progress together.”

Luciano Balestra

When you are completely connected with yourself, it will express itself in everything you do. Your movement will become one, and time will fade away. You become one with your surroundings, and become totally connected with yourself.

The connection with our planet and earth is essential for a wealthy life. As humans, we are part of nature, and we need it to survive. We need to be thankful for it’s beauty and preserve it as much as possible. Luciano is mindful of his surroundings and wants to inspire to consume only what you truely need so we can spare the planet.

“Together we need to make sure that we don’t break the world but enforce it.”

Luciano Balestra


Control of your fears is one of the most critical factors for success. In the development of dreams, you will always have some obstacles. This can be scary and hard to overcome. Sometimes there are risks with your finances, or you can even lose your house. But those obstacles can be overwon as long as you give everything you can to realise your dream.

Luciano wants to show that in combination with freerunning, you can control and conquer your fears. Luciano himself lived with very little income for years, and during his youth, many people told him he could not reach his goals. However, he gave up everything to achieve his dream, with the result that he learned to make his dreams come true.

Don’t let fear stop you, believe in yourself, go for it, and give it everything you got!