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Luciano’s partners not only get the right to appoint Luciano as ambassador. As a partner you also get unique products to promote your company. With Luciano you can strengthen your image as well as create a new image. It is entirely up to the partners what they prefer. Luciano offers partners a large number of options from which to choose. The options will be briefly explained below.

Main sponsor

The main sponsor will be prominently visible on all Luciano his pages. The main sponsor will be added to the footer on his website and will have the partners’ site’s biggest spot. The main sponsor will also be on the main page on Instagram by a mention in the bio. If you are interested in a smaller sponsorship with only a few of the undermentioned examples then of course that is no problem!


We make a fully customized commercial from A-Z. We take full responsibility for directing, film and production so that the partner immediately receives a final product without having to invest time in it. The commercial is tailor-made and precisely shaped according to the wishes of the partner. The commercial is made for professional use and can therefore also be used commercially. Below is the example of the commercial for Enterprise.


A portfolio of professional photos that showcase the company’s product and Luciano’s skills.

Content Creation

Luciano will create social media content that can be posted by your company, it is also possible to realize story takeovers or any other social media campaigns. Below an example of the story-take that was done for Zappsport and Topsportadam!





Your company will be presented in all major content that is developed. One of the examples of projects that is planned for 2021 is Freerunning Amsterdam. Freerunning Amsterdam will be the most epic tour guide through Amsterdam. Luciano will use his freerun skills to bring the city together and show the world how Amsterdam looks from a never before seen perspective.. Below the trailer.

National Shirt

There are two spots we can give away on the national Team NL cloth. These cloths will always be worn during all the competitions. Coming year Luciano will participate in different world championships.

Car Stickers 

The sponsor will receive a professional design printed onto the car. The car that he uses to travel all around Holland and Europe for that matter.  


This is a private lesson from Luciano Balestra himself. The class will be for 1,5 hour. It is also possible to do a birthday party of 1,5 hour, the whole Freerun University gym will be available.

Corporate event

The sponsor will get a 4 hours workshop with lunch and drinks included (non-alcoholic). The corporate event will be custom-made and focused on a subject like confidence, collaboration, overcoming fears, fun, perseverance, and creativity.

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