Mission and Vision

“Freerun to chase freedom and unite the world.”

Luciano wants to inspire the world with his movements. He wants to reach the highest level, in which he can set a new standard for the sport through combining aspects of all the sports he has experienced. For example, combining gymnastics and breakdance in freerunning. Luciano is becoming the athlete who astounds the world with his capabilities. He wants to give his everything for this mission and create a world where he can train whenever and wherever he wants.

“My goal is to reach total freedom of movement. I want to get to a point where I can do anything, anywhere, whenever I want.”

Luciano trains not only for himself but for everyone that crosses his path. He wants to inspire the world that everything is possible if you believe in it.

“A world where humankind pursue their dreams by overcoming their boundaries.

Luciano sees a world where a new generation will be trained how to realise their dreams. A world where everyone can pursue their passion. Luciano dreams of living in a world where everybody’s dreams are praised and stimulated, where you take risks and pursue what you want.

Freerunning teaches you to handle your dreams and fears. Like, a jump that you think is possible, but is still too hard for you. You are aware of the risks, and you feel the fear. You can take this as a challenge and train for this jump, till you have all the skills you need to do the jump. Then it’s just the fear between you and your jump.

Fear is interpreted as a sign to stop, and don’t do that thing. But Luciano thinks differently. Fear is a sign that risk is present, but you don’t have to step away from that risk. You can control it and own it. If you do, your jump only depends on your own confidence and focus. Trust yourself, let go of your fears and instead focus, then the magic happens. After training (for years), you can do the jump and go past your fears. This is the best feeling ever. It doesn’t matter where your passion is. Overstepping your boundaries and conquering your fears is an incredible boost of energy and necessary to achieve something.

Luciano hopes that freerunning will make people aware how they can handle their fears and achieve their dreams. Luciano is the example to whom people can look up to. He inspires to not stop by the fears but to give it all you got to achieve your dreams.